As nearly everyone who has lost a loved one will tell you, all aspects of life are dramatically altered in the wake of their passing. This can affect your social life and even your sleep quality. While you can’t ease the pain of loss, you can do some things to get better sleep. Here are a few tried-and-true methods.


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My cousin had written a goal list and hung it up in her kitchen. She called it her “5 under 35 list.” There were five goals she wanted to achieve prior to the age of 35. They included big-ticket items like getting remarried and running a marathon. The proof in the pudding here is that she made the goal list at age 33. Two short years for a divorced mom who disliked running to make major life changes. 

Those who have lost a spouse need time to scream, cry, plead and think. They need a respite from the strained formality of a funeral and the agonizing tedium of finalizing their loved one’s personal affairs. Then they need love and the support of an understanding, nonjudgmental listener, someone to hold their hand and share thoughts and feelings. And they need a way forward. Emotional momentum. An escape from grief. There’s no schedule, no time limit on bereavement, only its presence and the need to cope with the weight of it. 

My grief counselor suggested I join a support group after Greg died, and I’m so thankful she did. Through it, I met one of the best friends I’ve ever had, even under the most tragic of circumstances. Timothy lost his husband around the same time I lost Greg, and was suddenly a single father to the loveliest little girl you could ever dream of, Beatrice. Timothy and I have shared more hugs and tears than I can count.

Although we share a lot of the same experiences, he’s endured many unique circumstances as a gay single parent and widower. That’s why it feels important to have a page with information just for those in the LGBT community. Below are some resources that will provide you insight and comfort.

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